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Cendres et Sang, by Fanny Ardent, 2009. Official Selection of the Cannes Film Festival, out of competition. Filmed almost exclusively on count Kalnoky’s estate and in the region (in French). Please view a short abstract above.


News: different channels (in Romanian) - Prince Charles in Romania

Travel Channel: Wild Carpathia 2011

ARTE: Gotha et Sang Bleu 2010 (in French)


Premiile TVR Cultural (2012):
Portretul familiei Kalnoky: "Racoare si Dantela"

Dacă doriţi ca Familia contelui Kálnoky se fie distinsă la "Gala premiilor TVR Cultural" trimiteţi un SMS la numărul 1269 cu cifra 12 înainte de 23 aprilie 2012 (0,89 Eur cu TVA inclus).

Călător în Transilvania 2010 (in Romanian)

DunaTV: Testamentumi rendelések 2004 (in Hungarian)

ARD/NDR: Das Hexendorf von Transsilvanien – Magie im Namen Gottes, 2004 by Sven Jaax (in German)

Etwas glühende Kohle, eine handvoll Blei, ein Eimer Wasser und der richtige Zauberspruch - das sind die Arbeitsmittel von Dorfhexe Marikanini, der guten Seele von Miklosvar, einem Dorf am Fuß der rumänischen Karpaten. Ihre Fähigkeit zu "heilen" und zu helfen wird in ihrer Heimat nicht beargwöhnt. Im Gegenteil, der Beruf der Dorfhexe ist in der Abgeschiedenheit Transsilvaniens etwas ganz Selbstverständliches.


VOX/SF2: Dracula lebt! 2001 (in German)
Dracula, der Vampir aus Transsilvanien, fasziniert seit Bram Stokers Novelle von 1847. Was ist wahr an der Geschichte? Auf den Spuren von Draculea Vlad Tepes, dem Vorbild für den blutsaugenden Vampir, trafen wir in Transsilvanien Tibor Kalnoky, einen echten Grafen aus altem Geblüt. Seine Familie ist nach 50 Jahren Exil nach Rumänien zurückgekehrt.

Several films in Hungarian language, all shown on different TV channels:
'Hazatérés' (Back Home) award winner 2004
'Egy Pont a Nagy Világban' (One Spot in the Large World) 2003
'Erdély' (Transylvania) by Star-reporter Frei Tamás 2004
'Nem halandó, amiben bízom' (My Deeds Shall Outlive Me) 2002

Savouring Europe

Nederland 1

lwt "Dream Ticket"


January 27th, 2002
Miklosvar is presented as travel destination besides Cuba and London.         
..."On the other side of the world Ashley Blake takes a long weekend in Transylvania. With no vampires in sight he gets away from the hustle and bustle into the idyllic countryside where some still travel by horse and cart."

Independent Guest Reviews:

Tripadvisor: Review voted ‘most helpful’:

My sister and I stayed here for a week, and had a fantastic and unforgettable time. Count Kalnoky's Guesthouses are anything but conventional and in order to appreciate them, guests need to be prepared to leave behind their expectations of smooth, standard and boringly predictable experience. This hotel is REAL. Rooms are not finessed and plush, they are characterful and quirky. Guests are not supplied with an endless stream of entertainment in the evenings - they are expected to make their own, in front of a crackling fire with home-made drinks provided. Food is authentic - my sister and I found every meal absolutely delicious, but if you require a French-style cordon bleu dining experience then you won't like it. The trips we went on were fascinating and all went very smoothly - but they were not riddled with health-and-safety protections and small risks are taken which inevitably I guess might occasionally backfire. Though to be honest the greatest hazard was slipping over on ice, and nothing can protect against that.

This part of Transylvania, as others here have already noted, exists in a different century to anywhere else I have ever visited: it is an absolute privilege to have seen it, and I would not have missed it for all the world. In order to appreciate it, however, you need to leave behind some of your 21st century expectations.

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Eternal Terrain, 11th February 2012, by Alec Lobrano

The 10 Best Ethical Holidays, 19th June 2003, by Justin Francis

Something of the Nightlosers, 30th January 2004, by Keith Shadwick

Ten best: Close encounters with natural wonders , 5th April 2006, by Mark Rowe

Wildlife Holidays, 12th of March 2008, by Mark Rowe

In Transylvania, a count's hideaway beckons travelers, 29 August 2006, by Nicholas Wood

In Transylvania, a Count Invites You to His Castle, 27 August 2006, by Nicholas Wood

It's a bear's life - Transylvania, 25th of September, 2000, by Tim Pozzi

been there… Romania
, 9th of December, 2000
We were also invited to spend a few days as guests of Count Tibor Kalnoky in Transylvania. Our village accommodation was five-star and Tibor's staff, in Szekely costumes, looked as though they had jumped out of illustrations for a child's fairy tale. And we haven't mentioned the local dancing festival, the birdwatching, the carbonated water springs, the ancient villages with their walled churches, the generosity of all the people we met, the local plum brandy and, of course, the wonderful food. We can't wait to return.

been there… Miklosvar, 9th of August, 2003, by Wendy Stevens
For a holiday with a difference, consider Romania. We were recently the guests of Count Tibor Kalnoky in the village of Miklosvar in Transylvania. After the communist years the count had his family castle returned to him and now is offering accommodation to tourists to help pay for its restoration. The guesthouse, which is a short stroll from the castle, is of high standard. In all other respects, however, the holiday is a complete immersion in Transylvanian village life. We learned how to milk cows by hand, saw shepherds making cheese in the hills and rode by horse-and-cart to the forest to learn about flora and fauna. We climbed the towers of Saxon churches and spent a day trekking to the cave from which, legend has it, the Pied Piper emerged. After our excursions it was back to the castle for dinner, either by candlelight in the wine cellar or outside under the arbour. A relaxed atmosphere prevails outdoors as well. Where else could you sit on the patio and follow the progress of newly hatched storks through a telescope?

A guest at the court of Count Kalnoky, 9th of September, 2002, by Nicki Grihault

Castles where you can feel fortified - Castles on the internet, 15th of May, 2002, by Tim Jepson

The White Knight of Transylvania , 16th of April, 2005, by Andrew Eames

A guest at the court of Count Kalnoky

Are you myth-informed?, by David Atkinson

Count On Fun In Transylvania,
8th of November, 2003, by Jill Crawshaw

Six of the Best Stately Stays , 2nd of September 2009, Sunday Times, by Anna Melville-James

On the Trail of Dracula, 13th May.2006, by Andrew Eames

The perferct budget eco break? Romania, 18th May 2008, by Rod Liddle

Living in the land of Dracula, 25th October 2008, by Deirdre McQuillan

Gothic quarters, 26th of October 2004, by David Atkinson

Countless delights, 11th of June 2005, by Sebastian Creswell-Turner

Twenty Best Winter Holidays, 21st December, 2008, by Laura Goodman

Transported to the Heart of Transylvania,
29th of September, 2003, by Phelim McAleer

'Transylvania is in my blood' says Prince Charles on Romanian trip, 13th May 2008

From West to East: A Unique European Adventure, 7th of July, 2008 by Iris Friedman and Chloe Popescu

Nova Magazine

What does Transylvania mean to you? October 2000, by M. Dyson
(...) Which is a shame because the real Transylvania is more remarkable than any fictional creation; a hidden land of phenomenal natural beauty with enough magic of its own to require no embellishment from werewolves, vampires or Jason Donovan in fishnets. (...).
(...) Imagine that you have been transported back to the Middle Ages. Not much has changed since then.(...)
Don't miss the nightly cow parade.
(...) Bram Stoker, Dracula's British creator, never even visited Transylvania. His evocative (and surprisingly accurate) descriptions of the Carpathian landscape were all culled from guidebooks he found in the Reading Room of the British Museum. (...)
(...) If you'd like a taste of the Transylvanian highlife, you can stay with a real-life count. Count Tibor Kalnoky is a handsome man in his early 30s. He looks like Ralph Fiennes. One of his castles is in the tiny village of Miclosoar. Your friend who works for Oxfam might disapprove if she knew you'd taken a hot bath in a designer cast-iron tub in a village with no running water, but the food (homemade sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and roast hen from the Count's garden) and the fact that you have no pallatable alternati ve will soon make you feel less guilty. (…)

Vivid Magazine (Romania through International Eyes)

Weekend getaways: Count Kalnoky of Korospatak, May 2001, by Alina Boboc

Alina Boboc visits a village in the Hungarian region of Covasna and meets an aristocrat who has returned to Romania to run a village tourism project.

(...)One of the most attractive things about Count Kalnoky is that he appears to hold no bitterness towards those who confiscated all his family’s property and wealth. This is unusual in a country where everyone complains, and everyone finds fault with the system. He tells us that in 1987 he fell in love with Transylvania. He says there is something special here, something connected with the spirit of the place, the natural beauty of the mountains and forests, and that his own family history was entwined with the history of this region...

(...) He certainly does it right. In the guest houses in the village everything is planned and thought out brilliantly. Tibor and his wife have a great eye for detail. The rooms have wooden ceilings and are decorated with old painted Saxon furniture. The bath tubs are made of cast iron, the wood stoves have intricate engravings, the sheets are snow-white and the duvets are filled with down-feathers, a rarity in Romania...

(...)We got the feeling that by staying with Count Kalnoky we were contributing in a very small way, to the restoration of Romania’s cultural heritage. He quite openly says that the income he makes from the guest houses goes directly towards the restoration of the manor house in Miclosoara. He has a host of other interesting cultural and environmental projects he will begin, as soon as resources allow for it.

Country Life Magazine

Return to Transylvania, December 2005, by Neil Barnett, independent correspondent

"This is Europe as it was 100 years ago", says Count Kalnoky, and he should know: his family arrived in Transylvania in 1252, at the time of the main Szekely settlement.

He has been introducing small numbers of guests to Transylvania since 2000, offering a completely tailored holiday. The business is on an intimate scale and has a low impact on its surroundings in the sleepy village of Miklosvar, yet it is playing a crucial role in the village's economic regeneration. The insane policies of the Ceausescu era, followed by the wrenching transition market economy have hit Tarnsylvania particularly hard. "We employ people, so 20 families depend on us, we buy local produce where we can. Profits go into further restoration of buildings and into wildlife preservation.", says Count Kalnoky.

Rare species of bird, such as the black stork, the lesser spotted eagle and the white-backed woodpecker are all to be found in the area and Count Kalnoky is working on surveys of bird life and lobbying for environmentally protected status. About 80% of the Count's guests so far have been British...

Cultural and wildlife programmes can keep guests occupied for up to a forthnight. "Usually they might stay one night in the village and take a cart ride through the woods, then visit Saxon (German) and Szekely villages and natural attractions such as the St. Ann lake, the only volcano-crater lake in the region. They can also do bird watching and bear tracking. In winter we have shuttle bus to the skiing resort of Poiana Brasov, just an hour away", says Count Kalnoky.

Also mentioned in:

Transilvania Reloaded, 28.07. 2009 by Mihaela Spineanu


Mein Bruder und die Hexe, 11.07.2003, von Boris Kalnoky

Tourismus der Besonderen Art im Internet angepriesen,
24.01.2001, von Martin Ohnweiler

Im Herzen von Transsilvanien lebt das alte Europa, 21.02.2005, von Tom Owen


En Transylvanie, le village sicule du Comte Kalnoky,
29.05.2004, d'Arielle Thedrel

L'impossible restitution des biens en Roumanie, par Arielle Thedrel, 21.4.2006
Les cigognes noires n'ont pas encore regagné Miclosoara et malgré un hiver qui n'en finit pas, le vieux Jozef ne cesse de réceptionner chaque semaine à la gare de Brasov des touristes britanniques en mal d'aventure. A l'aube du XXIe siècle, la route qui mène à ce hameau perdu au fin fond de la Transylvanie tient plus que jamais de la piste africaine, et Miclosoara – en hongrois, Miklosvar – est un concentré on ne peut plus exotique d'une Europe centrale qui semble s'être fossilisée : 512 âmes, des rues de terre battue et pas d'eau courante. C'est dans ce village sicule (minorité roumaine proche des Hongrois) fondé au XIIIe siècle par son ancêtre que le comte Tibor Kalnoky, sa femme et ses trois enfants ont élu domicile en 1997. Avec les églises fortifiées du pays saxon et les cinq nids d'aigles pomarins, la visite du manoir familial, daté du XVIe siècle et classé Monument historique, fait partie de la visite guidée. Depuis cinq ans, le jeune comte s'y efforce patiemment de gommer les blessures infligées par le temps, fouillant ce qu'il reste d'archives, sondant les murs, bichonnant une décoration en stuc ou l'embrasure en pierre taillée d'une porte. Tibor Kalnoky fait partie des quelque 128 000 requérants ayant demandé la restitution de leurs biens confisqués par le Parti communiste roumain. Huit ans de procédures judiciaires ont été nécessaires pour qu'il en récupère une partie. (...)

Dossier, 06.11.2004, d`Alain Guillemoles


Rough Guide to Romania, new edition 2001:
Continuing north from Aita Mare, the castle of the Kálnoky family in Miclosoara (Miklósvar), a rare example of the Italian Renaissance style, is being restored; this is funded by Count Kálnoky's two guesthouses (Strada Principala / Fo utca 186; Tel / Fax 067 /314088,, beautifully furnished in Székely style; prices include all meals and wine, and any excursions you choose to make. Not far to the north, reached by a 13km track through the woods north from Vârghis, you can visit the Almas (Almásy/Almescher Hohle) cave; entry is by a huge chamber halfway up a cliff, behind which the system continues for a total of 7.5km on four levels. Legend has it that this is where the Pied Piper surfaced with the children of Hamelin. (...)

Le Guide Bleu Hachette EVASION
Miclosoara (Miklósvár)
Hébergement: (Hôtel de très grand luxe) Chambres d'hôtes du comte Kálnoky (Coup de coeur de la rédaction) Tél. 314088 8 ch. aménagées dans de vieilles maisons. Table d'hôtes. Mobilier ancien de Transylvanie, poêles en faïence et couettes en duvet, sauna. (…)


Transylvania, Bradt Travel Guides, September 2008

Also mentioned in several Hungarian, Romanian and Transylvanian guide books


The Goulash Archipelago, November 2008 by Arnie Somogyi


Transylvania Travel Photograph, 13th of June, 2008 by Bob Krist


Winter in Romania, 23rd of March, 2008 by Joel

Transylvania, 22nd of March, 2007 by Julian Kirby

'Between Myth and Transformation: Images of Transylvania and Southwest Ireland' 2004

Polyanna Pickering Returns from Transylvania



'In Pursuit of the Piper'
by Emily Darling 2003, Clark University, USA



High-stakes-adventure-in-Transylvania 29th of June 2009, by Kim Wildman


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