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Miklósvár manor with horses by C.I. Vianu

Transylvania’s first authentic heritage accommodation introduces you to the marvels of living history and nature itself. The art historian and ecologist guides who take care of you during the day are backed by discreet and helpful staff at the estate.

The entire staff are as local as ourselves (the Kálnoky's have been documented here since 1252 AD), as we believe it would make little sense to import expatriates into the ancient communities our very aim is to preserve. We therefore might be a little less professional, yet perhaps all the more passionate about what we do.

Miklosvar guesthouse by Andrew TestaAll accommodations have been caringly restored and furnished with authentic antiques and textiles from the region. Our philosophy of restoring is characterised by utter respect for the textures and atmospheres of ancient buildings. The way we restore derelict houses is barely noticeable, rather would it seem that the buildings have aged gently and gradually without recent renovation.

Fireplace at Zalanpatak


Together with The Prince of Wales, we offer accommodations and activities allowing travellers to discover the cultural and natural diversity of Transylvania at reasonable rates. Our guests can explore both the Saxon and the Szekler areas, and nature itself at Prince Charles's Transylvanian retreat nestled deep in the Carpathian foothills.


Miklósvár Hunting Manor, Transylvania - S Prior

Transylvania is not only famous as the homeland of Bram Stoker’s fictional character, Count Dracula, but is also associated with the dramatic history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, well-preserved medieval villages, and excellent Romanian wines. We invite you to discover Transylvania as our great grand parents knew it in the 1800's. 

Immerse yourself in a forgotten world that you probably believe has ceased to exist in today's Europe. Experience the luxury of simplicity.

Miklosvar behind buttercups and orchids, by Fabrice Grover

Please watch The Travel Channel's recent documentary 'Wild Carpathia' below:

Meet the Kálnoky Guesthouse team

If you wish to support our efforts directly, please visit the Transylvanian Kalnoky Conservation Trust

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