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Miklosvar - Zalanpatak by Ride World Wide

This is the standard itinerary available from the beginning of April to the beginning of November. Around 5-6 hours are spent in the saddle daily and a variety of terrain is traversed as you travel through wild hills and forest landscapes. The villages are situated at 450-600m, the hills reach 700-900m. This whole region is called Erdővidék, or “Woodlands”, and has been looking very much the same for the last centuries.

Day 1 (Sunday)— You will be met on arrival at the Brasov station and driven either to Miklósvár or Zalánpatak according to availabilities.

The village of Miklosvar was part of the Kalnoky family estate and the old hunting manor is on the edge of the village. The area was part of the Hungarian empire but became Romanian during the 1st World War. A couple of the traditional houses in the village carefully restored in order to preserve their original Transylvanian charm and character and accommodation is in these guesthouses. The guesthouses are situated within spacious gardens, with storks nesting on nearby rooftops

Zalánpatak is a small & remote village, around 25 km far from the stables at Korospatak. The night is spent in a lovely farmhouse, restored by Count Kálnoky for the Prince of Wales, which is situated in a tiny village surrounded by hills with meadows and forests.

Meet your guide or Countess Anna Kálnoky for a welcome dinner, and to discuss about the horses you will be riding during the tour.

Day 2 (Monday)- Transfer to the riding centre at Valea Crisului (Sepsikőröspatak, “Round Brook”), 7km by car. The ride starts climbing slowly onto a ridge, where we are heading north on high pastures with magnificent views stretching to the high Carpathian Range. We leave the villages of Kálnok and Zalán to our right below us down in the valley, meet shepherds and their flocks on the pastures and at the end of the day we descend through the forest to reach Malnas Bai (Málnásfürdő, “Raspberry Baths”), where the riders stay for the night as guests of a local hunter’s family (bathrooms might have to be shared). Once a thriving spa with plenty of mineral water springs, this village has typical wooden turn-of-the-century Transylvanian spa architecture, although now in a rather rickety shape. Riding time: 5 hours.

Day 3 (Tuesday)—We climb back north-westerly into the deep forests of the Hatod region, where 6 villages share the same woods (hatod = “one sixth”). We travel along a quiet forest track, alongside which bear traces are sometimes to be found. After having ridden around the extinct volcano “Murgo”, we descend on gentle grassy slopes to the Batanii villages (“Big Bacon and Little Bacon”) to reach our accommodations in village houses at lovely “Little Bacon” where we shall have common dinner. The villagers here are known to be especially hospitable and friendly, and before dinner will take pride at showing you their still functioning watermill and traditional looms. Riding time: 5 hours.

Day 4 (Wednesday)—We head northwest through forests and hay meadows, to climb up to Szép Arca (“Pretty Face”) hill on the southern slopes of the Hargita Range. Wide views open out on distant Barót and Olt Valley. We descend northwest into the Kormos (“Sooty”) valley, where Romania’s ex-Dictator Ceausescu had his private hunting villa. The river is teeming with trout, the wet meadows have beautiful wild flowers. You will be accommodated in a guesthouse called “Kormos panzio“ , have dinner there and breakfast on the next morning. 6 double/twin rooms with en-suite bathrooms are available, also a big kitchen and adining room. Riding time: 3 hours.

Day 5 (Thursday) We turn south down the Kormos Valley on a long ride along the lower slopes of the hills, passing the villages of Filia/Erdőfüle (“Forest’s Ear”) on endless hay meadows towards the town of Barot. We continue on the slopes offering many a chance for cantering, into the valley of the river Olt to reach Miklósvár, and our guesthouses (or a guesthouse of similar standards nearby in the rare case of limited availability, and eating on the Estate). Riding time: 6 hours. 

Day 6 (Friday)— From Miklósvár, we return to Kőröspatak crossing the hills and brooks. This trip was very common for many a generation of the Kálnoky family who had to ride often between the two villages, where their two manors are. This part of the region is particularly rich in game as there is no road or village for 25km.  Arriving at Kőröspatak, you will be transfered back to Miklósvár by car for your last night at our guesthouse. Riding time: 6 hours.

Day 7 (Saturday)—Depart after breakfast, or adding on a few days of relaxation and tours based at Count Kálnoky’s Guesthouses in Miklósvár


Dates in 2016:

1. 17th – 23rd April – Dandelion tour
2. 1st – 7th May – Forget – me – not tour
3. 15th – 21st May – Ragged-Robin tour
4. 29th May – 4th June – Royal Midget tour
5. 12th – 18th June – Daisy tour
6. 26th June – 2nd July – Harebell tour
7. 10th – 16th July – Bluebonnet tour
8. 24th – 30th July – Arnica Montana tour
9. 7th – 13th August – Rock rose tour
10. 21st – 27th August – Silver hawkweed tour
11. 4th – 10th September – Knapweed tour
12. 18th – 24th September – Stemless thistle tour
13. 2nd – 8th October – Speedwell tour
14. 16th – 22nd October – Rosehip tour

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